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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Samuel West - Words and Music, British Library recital, Elgar, showreel

Sam and Kim Gerard are the readers for Words and Music "The Speed of Life". It will be broadcast 19 March from a pop up studio at the BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking Festival at Sage Gateshead (BBC Media Centre).

He will read from works by Keats, Goethe and Balzac at "Music and poetry from the Zweig Collection". This recital will be held at the British Library on 20 March; click here for tickets.

He played Edward Elgar in Beyond the Score: Elgar's Engima Variations on 11 March. A couple of tweets about the performance:

Sam narrates the audiobook of Forces of Nature by Brian Cox and Andrew Cohen. It was released 9 March. Click here for an excerpt (via Sam's Twitter, @exitthelemming).


Sam's showreel has been added to his profile on the United Agents website. It features clips from Hyde Park on Hudson, Eternal Law, Albert Schweitzer, W1A, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, Waking the Dead, Cambridge Spies, A Feast at Midnight, Fleming and The Complete Walk: Much Ado About Nothing.

He features in a video by the Marlowe Theatre, talking about why the arts matter to everyone (via @artscampaign).


In early March, Sam discussed stamp collecting in the Financial Times. It has been a long term hobby for him - he has collected stamps since he was five. Stamps in his collection include over two hundred Two Shilling Blues and a series of stamped letters commemorating the coronation of George VI in 1937.

In mid February, he attended the press night for the West End transfer of Travesties at the Apollo Theatre. Pictures from the night are at wooller.com. The play is by Tom Stoppard, directed by Patrick Marber and stars Tom Hollander.
He spoke at the launch of the "They're Your Rights: Fight For Them" report - an event by 89up and Free Word. The report is about protecting human rights post-Brexit (@exitthelemming). A video from the event is on Facebook. Sam's speech is from 42:40.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Samuel West - In Seven Days, Forces of Nature, If This Is A Man, Darkest Hour, Article 50

On 1st February, Sam and Zoë Martlew will discuss In Seven Days by Thomas Adès in a perfomance at the Royal Festival Hall. In the first half, Sam and Zoë will guide the audience through the work and the work will be performed in full by the London Sinfonietta, Rolf Hind and the Royal Academy of Music Manson Ensemble in the second half (via Zoë's Twitter @zkm555). Click here for tickets.

He has recorded the audiobook version of Forces of Nature by Brian Cox (Sam's Twitter, @exitthelemming).

On 30 April, Sam will contribute to a live reading of Primo Levi's If This Is A Man at the Royal Festival Hall.

Sam plays Anthony Eden in Darkest Hour, a film starring Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill. Joe Wright directs. Here is a selection of his tweets from filming:
Darkest Hour will be released in November this year.


Sam has written a recommendation on behalf of the National Campaign for the Arts (NCA) regarding Article 50. He has suggested that arts supporters write to their MPs with conditions such as allowing EU nationals currently employed in the UK to stay after Britain has left the EU and Higher Education to continue accessing  EU funds (NCA via their Twitter @artscampaign).

In early January, he narrated the Channel 4 documentary Titanic: The New Evidence (@exitthelemming).

Friday, 30 December 2016

Samuel West - current radio, On Chesil Beach, projects and media October-December

Words and Music "Greeneland", with readings by Sam and Romola Garai, was repeated on Wednesday. It is available on iPlayer for 28 more days.

Sam plays Albert Tiermann in Doctor Who Demon Quest: A Shard of Ice, which is available on iPlayer for approximately three more weeks (part 1|part 2).

Sam plays Geoffrey Ponting in the film adaptation of On Chesil Beach. He started filming in early November. The cast includes Saoirse Ronan, Anne-Marie Duff and Emily Watson. The director is Dominic Cooke, who previously directed Sam in The Hollow Crown: Henry VI (his Twitter @exitthelemming and IMDB).


He is featured in a Guardian article about the Moomin exhibition Adventures in Moominland (until 23 April) at Royal Festival Hall:
The Moomins have many fans, including the actor Samuel West, who said he had felt at home in Jansson’s Moominvalley since he was seven.
“The sensuous melancholy, the odd cast and the wisdom of the worldview fascinates me,” he said. “This new exhibition captures both the textures and the emotions of Moominland, and the way ordinary things are transformed into magical strangeness by Jansson’s joyful sideways look.”

On 14 December, Jane Asher, Jenni Falconer, Guy Henry, Sir Richard Stilgoe, Claire Harman and Sam read at the Home-Start Wandsworth carol service in St Anne's church. A picture of them is here.
The organisation is a charity that supports families with young children under the age of five.

Sam and his partner Laura Wade went to the Evening Standard Film Awards (tweets from @exitthelemming 1|2 and pictures from Getty 1|2|3|4). Winners included Hugh Grant and Kate Beckinsale.

In early December, Sam wrote a tribute about the late Andrew Sachs for the Telegraph. Sachs worked with Sam's mother Prunella Scales on Fawlty Towers.


Kate Duchêne, Hattie Morahan, Giles Terera and Sam were the readers for A Poem For Every Night of the Year, a performance at the National Theatre. An audio recording of the event is available on the NT's website.

He narrated Babar (Poulenc) and Peter and the Wolf (Prokofiev) at the Bath Mozartfest, with Tim Horton on piano (@exitthelemming).


The BBC Radio 3 website has a clip of Sam reading the text of "Alleluia! A new work is come on hand", the text for the 2016 Radio 3 Carol Competition. The competition was for amateur composers to create music for this text. Jessie Reeves was the winner and her composition was broadcast throughout the Christmas weekend.
The third and final series of Blood, Sex and Money was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in October. Sam played Aristide Rougon in the episodes "Crash", "Massacre" and "Fate".
Sam reads lyrics from Bob Dylan's "Blowin' in the wind" in this clip (from 0:58). The reading was featured in a BBC Radio 4 PM story about Dylan receiving the Nobel prize for literature.

The National Campaign for the Arts has relaunched with two campaigns: Local Heroes and Hearts for the Arts (The Stage). Sam is the chair of the organisation. Local Heroes highlights the role of cultural institutions in shaping the careers of people before they became famous - refer to the Campaign's website for details on how to submit nominations. Hearts for the Arts is an annual award for "councils and individual officers and Councillors who are overcoming financial challenges to ensure the arts are at the centre of community life."

Good Chance Theatre staged "Last Chance", a reading of the Dublin III Regulation at the Young Vic on 20 October (via the Evening Standard).The reading was a plea for the unaccompanied children of the Calais jungle camp. Readers included Carey Mulligan, Juliet Stevenson, Sam and Good Chance co founders Joe Robertson and Joe Murphy.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Charles Edwards - My Fair Lady Australian tour and upcoming TV projects

Charles will play Henry Higgins in the 60th anniversary production of My Fair Lady, which tours to Melbourne from 12 May 2017. Tickets go on sale 10 October (thanks to @j0lande). Limited dates are on presale (thanks to @teamdenbigh).
Prior to Melbourne, he will play the role in Brisbane from 12 March 2017. In an interview with Limelight, he said that he has had an interest in playing Higgins:
"“From the moment I knew it was Julie directing, I thought this is too good not to do. And I’ve also hankered for a long time to play the role. I like acting in Shaw very much: the intellectual demands and the speed of thought, I find challenging."

My Fair Lady is playing at the Sydney Opera House until 5 November with Alex Jennings as Higgins. Click here for tickets. It's a fun production that is worth seeing (I saw it last Friday).

[slight tangent: Naomi from hellyescharlesedwards has told me that my birthday message to Charles was prescient in a way because I asked him to come to Sydney. My message is the first image in this post. According to the Limelight article he is currently in Sydney meeting the cast and production team.]


Other upcoming roles for Charles are the title role in the sitcom Henry IX (British Comedy Guide), Lucian in the drama series The Halcyon (Sue Terry Voices and ITV) and David Wellsborough in series 4 of Sherlock (@Ruther2 and Spotlight).

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Samuel West - White Rabbit Red Rabbit, Aurora Orchestra performances, All the World's a Stage

On Friday, Sam performed White Rabbit Red Rabbit by Nassim Soleimanpour at the Freedom Festival in Hull. The work is a 1 person performance with no director. He saw the script for the first time when on stage (@HullTruck).

Some tweets from audience members:


In October, he will perform Kreutzer vs Kreutzer with the Aurora Orchestra at St George's Bristol on 2 October and at the Royal Festival Hall on 9 October.

He narrates All the World's a Stage, a short film which will be screened at the Norwich film festival in November.

In December 2017, he will read from Mozart's letters in a concert with the Aurora Orchestra.


A selection of articles, projects and events from the past few months is below.

Sam played Aristide in the episode "Family" from the series Blood, Sex and Money, which is a Zola adaptation.

He read the CBeebies Bedtime Story The Bear and the Piano (via @dc_litchfield).

He narrated Best Bottoms, a documentary about a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream co-produced by the RSC and various amateur companies. It was broadcast 20 May on BBC1 (via @johnchapman398 and @edbarlow888).

He is the narrator for the audiobook of Human Universe by Brian Cox. Click here for an excerpt (@harperaudiouk).

He commented positively on a Scottish theatre scheme that aims for primary school students to see at least one live performance a year, "Children's engagement is crucial if we are going to develop the diverse range of artists and audiences we need for the future." (The Stage).

Sam read the Book at Bedtime The Third Man.

He contributed to a Front Row discussion, "The Cultural Response to Brexit" - this is available on iPlayer.

In The Stage, he warned that higher drama school fees would price out potential students, "At the moment we teach rich, talented students and poor, talented students. If fees continue to increase, soon we'll be teaching rich, talented students and rich, untalented students."

Monday, 9 May 2016

Samuel West - various programs on iPlayer, Peter and the Wolf, Shakespeare 400

Sam is in various programs currently available on iPlayer

On 4 May, he performed Peter and the Wolf with the Nash Ensemble in Istanbul (his Twitter, @exitthelemming and @anniemal14).
Sam tweeted that he will perform the work again in November.


He wrote about working on The Book of Disquiet by Michel van der Aa for the Institute of Composing Journal in April (via van der Aa's Twitter, @vanderaanet).

He performed Henry V by Walton with the Orchestre National Bordeaux Aquitaine on 28 April. Sam tweeted a picture from rehearsals and @pauleroger tweeted a picture of Sam with the orchestra at the end of the performance.

He speaks about The Rite of Spring in Stravinsky: Myths & Rituals, a documentary from the Philharmonia Orchestra (via @jesirodger, who is one the doco's editors). Click here for the trailer.

Sam performed a speech from Henry V at the opening of the Shakespeare in Ten Acts exhibition at the British library (15 April). The Nissen Richards Studio designed the exhibition (director Pippa Nissen's Twitter, @pippa_nissen).
Here is a selection of tweets from the event.

He spoke about the importance of EU membership at the launch of Creatives for Europe in April (the Association of British Orchestras Twitter, @aborchestras). The text of his speech is available on the Arts Desk.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Samuel West - screencaps from The Frankenstein Chronicles

These are thumbnails - click them for full size.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 5

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Samuel West - recent and upcoming radio

Sam and Romola Garai were the readers for "Greeneland", last week's episode of Words and Music. It is available on iPlayer for 22 more days.
Also on BBC Radio 3 - he is in three programs from the Sounds of Shakespeare season.
  • 22 April. Garrick's Ode (live broadcast in which he plays Garrick). This performance is sold out.
  • 23 April. Record Review, a discussion of archive recordings. This will be broadcast live from a pop up studio at the RSC's The Other Place.
  • 27 April. Free Thinking, a discussion about The Winter's Tale.

Sam did some readings for Shakespeare in Silence, which will be broadcast 17 April on BBC Radio 4.

He will be in the second series of Blood, Sex and Money on BBC Radio 4. It is an Emile Zola adaptation by Dan Rebellato (Sam's Twitter, @exitthelemming). Other cast members include John Heffernan, Anna Maxwell Martin and Robert Jack (John's Twitter, @johnjheffernan). It will be broadcast in mid-May (Dan's Twitter, @DanRebellato).
In March, Sam tweeted about how Rebellato wrote the script and how it was performed.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Charles Edwards - Blithe Spirit, Florence Foster Jenkins and radio repeats

Next Monday (18 April), Charles and director Michael Blakemore will introduce a screening of Blithe Spirit at the V&A. Charles starred as Charles Condimine in the production, which played at the Gielgud Theatre in 2014.

Florence Foster Jenkins will close the Belfast Film Festival on 23 April (via cineuropa). It will be released in the UK on 6 May and Australia on 5 May. Click here for the film's teaser trailer.

Silk: The Clerks Room "Bethany" will be repeated on BBC Radio 4 next Tuesday (12 April). Charles plays Mr Lewis in this episode.
Series 2 of Welcome To Our Village, Please Invade Carefully will be repeated on BBC Radio 4 Extra from next Wednesday (13 April). Charles stars as Field Commander Uljabaan.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Samuel West - The Complete Walk, Bush Theatre, CBeebies Bedtime Stories, Shakespeare Solos

Sam and Katherine Parkinson play Benedick and Beatrice from Much Ado About Nothing for The Globe's The Complete Walk (23-24 April). The film, directed by Jessica Swale, was shot in Sicily (Sam's Twitter, @exitthelemming 1|2 and Swale's Twitter, @jswale).

The screencap above is from his recent reading of Angry Arthur on CBeebies Bedtime Stories.

My Storify for the West is Best quiz (Bush Theatre, 2 March) is below. Dominic West hosted and Sam wrote the questions for it.
@RussShaw1, @bushtheatre, @Jon_Gilchrist and sponsor @PhilipWooller tweeted photos from the event. The quiz had "top lols" (@AineSays) and Sam was described as a "fabulous host" (@GabyStyles_ENB) and a "quizmaster par excellence" (@minofprojects).

Here are screencaps from the Shakespeare Solo film featuring Sam as Henry V: