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Monday, 16 April 2012

Close the Coalhouse Door: Friday's preview and Chronicle Live interview

Sam performed in the first preview of Close the Coalhouse Door on Friday, due to Tarek Merchant being hospitalised with appendicitis. Some details from Haze: "Sam West and Sam Kenyon (musical arranger) shared the part of Expert, with Sam West doing the words and Sam Kenyon doing the music; they're onstage now doing it tonight [Saturday] too. Depending on how quickly Tarek recovers Sam may be onstage again next week, but they're hoping not." Best wishes to Tarek for a full recovery!

Below is a selection of tweets and comments about Friday's performance.
Haze: "It was a fun, vibrant, energetic, moving, and informative show, well worth seeing. Lovely direction with some beautiful theatrical devices employed... The production involves liberal use of the Kazoo, at one point 8 guitars, and the odd Marx brother!"
The St James Evening Post: "Close the Coalhouse Door presents a culture sustained by communities held together and held captive by generations of abuse. The escape offered to the youngest generation of pitmen, represented by brothers John and Frank, by feminist sociology postgraduate Ruth (a compelling performance by Louisa Farrant) leaves one chill given the fate of many of the factories of Teesside and Consett steelworks."
@Tynewriter: "Thoroughly enjoyed 'Close the Coalhouse Door' last night. Great job in bringing the play up to date."
@andromedababe (1|2): "Heartwrenching & hilarious. Wonderful... Joyous, angering, heartbreaking. Full of resonance for me. I worked on the last miners' strike. Family all pitmen."
@EricaWhyman: "very first #coalhouse was a fantastic night in the theatre.Great team, great play, great audience."

Chronicle Live has an interview with Chris Connel and Adam Barlow (via @northernstage).

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