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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Samuel West - Theatre - Close the Coalhouse Door

Today (from 1 hour 17 minutes; via @NorthernStage) and BBC News have interviews with Sam and Lee Hall.

Sam was also recently interviewed in The Northern Echo ("Five minutes with... Sam West", 31 March).


Haze said...

Sam performed in Close the Coalhouse Door last night (opening preview) due to one of the actors being hospitalized with appendicitis. He'll be onstage again tonight too. IMO it was a fun, vibrant, energetic, moving, and informative show, well worth seeing. Lovely direction with some beautiful theatrical devices employed.

Jennifer said...

Hi Haze,
Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts about the play!
Which character did Sam play last night?

Haze said...

Sam West and Sam Kenyon (musical arranger)shared the part of Expert, with Sam West doing the words and Sam Kenyon doing the music; they're onstage now doing it tonight too. Depending on how quickly Tarek recovers Sam may be onstage again next week, but they're hoping not.

The production involves liberal use of the Kazoo, at one point 8 guitars, and the odd Marx brother!