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Friday, 27 January 2012

Samuel West. Narration - Secrets of the Manor House. Film - Hyde Park on Hudson. Gaza letters.

(screencap from "Gaza letters", screencap from episode 3 of Eternal Law)

Sam narrates the documentary Secrets of the Manor House, which is available to stream on the PBS website.

The writer and broadcaster Jonathan Freedland attended a preview screening of Hyde Park on Hudson and had positive things to say about the film. Selected tweets from an exchange between him, Sam and Ruth Mackenzie:
@j_freedland: "Just been at preview screening of Hyde Park & Hudson: Bill Murray utterly convincing as FDR, Sam West fab as George VI ... @exitthelemming @ruthmackenzie I would say - and gush - more, but feel compelled to respect that it was a sneak preview. *whispers* terrific"
@exitthelemming: "@j_freedland @ruthmackenzie ... Much thanks - it was a very happy job."

A video of Sam reading at "Gaza letters" can be viewed on Youtube.

He has signed a letter opposing the planned eviction of Gaby from Gaby's deli in London.

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