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Monday, 30 January 2012

Samuel West. Narration - The Soldier's Tale. Guardian letter.

Sam will be a guest on In Tune today (via @suzyklein). Presumably he will be discussing the upcoming performance of The Soldier's Tale at the Wigmore Hall, which he will be narrating this Friday. [Update, 25 February: a picture of Sam in the studio is here]
Later in the week, he will be a guest on Saturday Kitchen Live, facing his food heaven or food hell. [Update, 4 February: it clashed with a morning performance of The Soldier's Tale (see the comment from Anonymous on this post, and tweets from @cmoody and @debbie2711; cancellation confirmed by Sam here)]

Sam wrote a letter to the Guardian outlining disagreement with the appointment of actor György Dörner as the director of the Új Színház (the New Theatre). Early last week, he tweeted that he was in the process of putting the letter together:
"Putting together letter about theatre situation in Hungary (http://bit.ly/yOizOb). As ever, moved & delighted by response of fellow actors."
The letter's signatories include Daniel Evans, Romola Garai, Toby Jones, Dan Stevens, Harriet Walter, Caryl Churchill and Laura Wade.


Anonymous said...

Think the Saturday Kitchen gig has been postponed or cancelled, due to The Soldier's Tale being at the same time.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the heads up, Anonymous. I (very) optimistically thought that either part of the program would be partly prerecorded or recorded really early in the morning, giving Sam enough time to get to the Wigmore Hall. oops!!

Anonymous said...

The format is that people phone into the studio to vote on whether the guest should face food heaven or food hell - and it's then cooked for the guest to eat. So, whoever the guest is, they'd have to be in the studio.

Hopefully he'll get invited back at some point.