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Saturday, 27 December 2008

Entertainment news

  • Obituaries and articles about Harold Pinter, who died on Christmas Eve :( 1|2|3
  • Interview with Dervla Kirwan [link]
  • A Los Angeles federal judge has ruled that 20th Century Fox owns the distribution rights to Watchmen, representing a setback for Warner Bros.' plans to release the pic in March [link]
  • Interview with Michael Sheen [link]
  • The Guardian's A to Z of 2009 pop culture [link]
  • Interview with Rebecca Hall [link]
  • Clive Owen is attached to Cartagena, a story about an undercover agent amid Colombian drug cartels [link]
  • Slideshow about posters for The Spirit [link]


m4sure said...

Very sad to hear the news about Harold Pinter's passing. He was such a legend in the theatre world and will be greatly missed. Pinter came from the same area of London where I live now and I'm sure there will be events happening in Hackney very soon to remember the great man.

jellybean said...

'tis sad indeed; he's left behind an amazing body of work.