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Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Dan Stevens - Television - Sense and Sensibility

[updated 19 March 2011]


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"...Stevens brushed up on his horse-riding ('It was brilliant – I wish there were more situations in life where I could pull up on a horse and announce something'). The girls took lessons in etiquette and learned how to improve their posture.
Stevens thinks that this sort of period detail - 'The escapism of the costumes, the beauty of the sets' - is an important part of Austen’s appeal. But not the crucial one. 'The themes at the heart of Sense and Sensibility - who we find attractive and why, and what gets in the way - are what makes it relevant,' he says..."

Manchester Evening News
"'...I had a really fantastic horse called Alfie, who was Colin Farrell’s horse in Alexander,' explained Dan.
'So he's had far more film experience than I have.
'It was very funny watching us all desperately trying to look very authoritative and masculine on our respective horses...'"

[screenwriter Andrew Davies on Dan] "...Dan Stevens, who is playing Edward in Sense and Sensibility — it's a very difficult part to play, because the character can't speak of his feelings; he's trapped in a secret engagement, but he's in love with Elinor. So [Stevens'] acting, especially in the early part, is just a kind of master class in reticence and hesitation. There's one little scene where he's saying goodbye to her, and she is hoping for a proposal. So he's got a scene in which he says, 'These weeks for me have been very happy.' She thinks, 'Now he's going to say….' And he's got this little present. He [hands it to her], almost like, 'This is not what I wanted to give you, but here it is,' and then he just says goodbye and goes out. And she's there, with her big eyes, and she thinks, 'What was that all about?' He's one of those actors, like Colin Firth, who — a lot of actors find this very hard — just leave a sentence trailing..."

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