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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Samuel West - poetry readings, narrations, TV trailers

Sheila Hancock and Sam will read Resurgam, a poem by Andrew Motion, at Touching Eternity on 26 September.
The Josephine Hart Poetry Week readings will take place at the Arts Theatre (via @ShentonStage). Sam will read poetry by Larkin on 11 October (his Twitter, @exitthelemming).

Weltethos will be performed at the Ether Festival on 7 October (via Bang On PR).
Sam gave a spoken introduction to The Garden of Earthly Delights by Simon Bainbridge at a Proms Saturday Matinee in August; the Birmingham Post described his narration as "excellent." Two tweets from him about the work:

Hyde Park on Hudson will be screened at the London Film Festival in October.
Sam and co-stars Olivia Wilson, Elizabeth Wilson and Elizabeth Marvel discussed the film with Emmanuel Levy in a recent interview.

Sam is one of the narrators for the audiobook A Possible Life by Sebastian Faulks, which was released earlier this week (via @exitthelemming). Excerpts can be heard on Soundcloud and Audible.
Grimm Tales for Young and Old was released last week (Audiogo).

The Drama Lives on ITV trailer has a couple of clips from Mr Selfridge and a glimpse of Sam. He recently did some dubbing for the first two episodes (@exitthelemming).
He appears briefly in the trailer for The British (via Jenn).

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