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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Samuel West. Theatre - A Number. Audio - Faust. Narration - Horizon.

Recent press for A Number includes reviews and interviews. Some quotes from reviews:

Times Live
"A change of clothing, gait, accent and nuance is all that is required as West fully inhabits each one [clone]."

"Samuel West has a magical way of transforming into characters, leaving you feeling a little disturbed and fascinated all at once. Dad and son had the full house literally at the edge of our seats."

Cape Times
"This production is first-class theatre: an outstanding real-life father-and-son cast are supported by Jonathan Munby, a supremely talented director."

Die Burger
"In A Number is hy eweneens indrukwekkend, veral gegewe sy veeleisende taak om drie karakters te speel wat identies lyk (twee is gekloon), maar met drie uiteenlopende persoonlikhede. Die leidende hand van die regisseur, Jonathan Munby, is hier te bespeur. Die drie mans se fisieke eendersheid, eerder as hul andersheid, word beklemtoon; die verskille word subtiel verbloem in stemtoon en gebare sodat jy as gehoorlid self soms wonder watter een dit eintlik is."

The Writing Studio
"Timothy West is solid as the stern father who is torn between loyalty and guilt, with Samuel West delivering a passionate performance as his three sons Bernard (B1), Bernard (B2) and Michael Black, two of whom are clones of the original."

Sam and Timothy have been interviewed in City Press, the Weekend Argus (Vivien Horler, "Keeping it all in the family," 9 October 2011) and the Cape Times (Terri Dunbar-Curran, "Clone ranger," 7 October 2011).

Faust is now available on CD and for download (Naxos Audiobooks). It was originally broadcast on BBC Radio 3.

Clive James has said positive things about Sam's voice-over abilities:
"Sam West’s voice was the convincing thing about an episode of Horizon (BBC Four) ["Is Everything We Know About the Universe Wrong?"] concerned with Dark Flow... Soothed by Sam’s voice and the voices of various scientists of exotic origin, I was ready to take it on trust that the Standard Model explains too much to be let go of at this late stage... Sam’s quiet eloquence held everything together."

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