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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Television - Eternal Law

An excerpt from an SFX interview with Matthew Graham:
How's your new show, Eternal Law, coming along?
Ah, Eternal Law is going great! I can't believe we're three weeks into filming already. It's looking great. It's being so beautifully made, and the cast are really bedded into their roles and having fun with it.
It's too early to say what kind of show it's going to be. It's clearly going to be a very emotional show, and quite dramatic and powerful. It's not overtly fantasy, but it does have a fantasy vein in it. It's too early to know quite the full tone is, like we were with Life On Mars. You can't tell until you see it cut together! So far, we're having a great time on it!

A timeline of sorts summarising selected tweets from Sam West (Zak), Monastic Productions (writers Matthew Graham and Ashley Pharaoh), Ukweli Roach (Tom), Claire Jo Benjamin (assistant director), Sophia Di Martino (guest star) and Rosalie Carew (script editor) for the past few weeks.

20 May
First block i.e. episodes 1 and 2 has completed filming (@exitthelemming, @MonasticProds, @UkweliRoach)
The readthrough for episodes 3 and 4 made the execs cry (click here to find out more!)

18 May
A limping scene featuring Zak Gist (Sam's character) references Twelve Angry Men and visually hints at The Third Man (@exitthelemming)
Guest star Sophia Di Martino finished filming (@soafdimartino)
TV Choice visited the set (@TVChoice)

16 May
Sam has described Zak Gist as "grumpy." (@exitthelemming)
The production had a night shoot at Harewood House, which has a "spooky forest" (@exitthelemming, @TheDramaCat)

14 May
Sam noted the "beautiful" acoustic and interior of Dewsbury Town Hall, one of the locations used (@exitthelemming)

12 May
A location: Headingley Stadium (@ClaireJoBenji)

11 May
Episode 6 has a lot of cats (@MonasticProds)
Filmed Zak and Tom's first day on earth (@MonasticProds)

5 May
The show will have some romantic moments (@MonasticProds)

4 May
Hints at guest character casting for episodes 3 and 4 (@MonasticProds)
Positivity about rushes viewed by the writers so far (@MonasticProds)

3 May
Some very kind comments about one of the cast members (@exitthelemming)

2 May
Jamie Payne will direct episodes 3 and 4. He previously collaborated with Monastic Productions on series 3 of Ashes to Ashes. (@MonasticProds)

1 May
Tobias Menzies (Richard Pembroke) began filming (@MonasticProds)

30 April
Rosalie Carew has been described as an equivalent to Mrs Sheringham... (@MonasticProds)

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