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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Ruth Wilson, Hayley Atwell, Emma Thompson. British Independent Film Awards. Radio - The Custom of the Country.

[updated 11 December]
  • Excerpt from a Ruth interview about her film project with Hayley and Emma:
    "...Wilson has got together a stellar team of women writers, directors and actresses and the idea, cooked up with fellow actress Hayley Atwell, is to produce a feature film made up of shorts by and for women. 'Seven writers and seven directors, all women,' she says, reeling off names. 'Some of the women who are keen to direct are Rachel Weisz, Gillian Anderson, Tara Fitzgerald. Emma Thompson is going to mentor the writers and Susanna White, who directed Jane Eyre, will work with the directors...'"
  • The British Independent Film Awards
    • Links about Rosamund Pike's outfit and makeup 1|2|3
    • elizabethtoni's arrival's videos (featuring Hayley Atwell, Gemma Arterton; Jason Isaacs, Carey Mulligan, Armando Iannucci; Peter Capaldi, David Morrissey; and Rosamund Pike) 1|2|3|4
    • Some videos from t5m jason isaacs|rosamund pike
    • Article from the Independent [link]
  • Dan Stevens and Tom Hollander star in The Custom of the Country, which will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 3 January [link]

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