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Friday, 24 July 2009

Ruth Wilson, Hayley Atwell, Emma Thompson. Theatre - A Streetcar Named Desire. Television - The Prisoner.

Ruth's Official London Theatre Guide interview is mainly about A Streetcar Named Desire, but there are also mentions of the film festival she's working on with Hayley Atwell and Emma Thompson, and The Prisoner:
"...It was while working on The Prisoner, alongside a cast full of British talent including Ian McKellen, Hayley Atwell and Lennie James, that Wilson took the quad bike trip around the Namibian sand dunes, went on safari and, along with Atwell, took an unnaturally close look at a shark's teeth, separated from their flesh-ripping points by a cage. 'It was quite frightening, very funny, but brilliant.'
While the Namibian pastimes sound enthralling, the shoot itself, Wilson says, was 'difficult; I can't lie.' Changes in directors and unfinished scripts made the process fraught and Wilson is still unsure how the series will end. She says that she thinks the photography 'will look amazing' and that, though she is unsure entirely how the plot will play out, she should still be in the final cut as she recently recorded additional dialogue...

...her next project, scheduled for any time she has off in the coming year. She is the driving force behind a film festival that will bring together six or seven short films written and directed by women. Though she can't quite pin down the role she is playing – 'I'm Executive Producer… I suppose' – she has already enlisted the help of her role model Emma Thompson as mentor for the writers. 'I've got no idea really what I'm doing,' she smiles, 'I'm just pushing the idea forward. I want other people to do the nitty gritty, I'll just push the idea. But through it I'll learn how to do the nitty gritty as well. For me, it’s learning new skills and learning to be adept at loads of different things...'"

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