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Sunday, 17 May 2009

[updated 20 May]

  • Sally Hawkins, Andrea Riseborough and Rosamund Pike will star in We Want Sex, a film about the fight for sexual equality in the 1960s [link]
  • Article about Samuel West, Sara Kestelman, Jonathan Slinger and Henry Goodman discussing the first folio of Shakespeare [link]
  • BBC Radio drama (will be available on iPlayer up to a week after broadcast):
    • Rory Kinnear is in Hum (Drama on 3) by Laura Wade and The Moment You Feel It (Afternoon Play, Monday) by Ed Harris. An article about Hum is here.
    • Toby Stephens and Michael Sheen star in Troy [link]
    • Leo McKern, Simon Russell Beale, Emily Mortimer and Gerard Murphy star in War and Peace [link]


Monika (Filmographysam) said...

(Actors discuss first folio of Shakespeare)
My problem is that I never know where I must put a comma in English. So I drop one every now and then and hope, it won't do any harm or confuse people. Maybe Shakespeare did the same? ;-)

jellybean said...

Is it just me who had to look up the definition of "caesura"? :D
I don't know why Shakespeare put commas in certain places but they seem to have a significant effect on how his text is interpreted.

Monika (Filmographysam) said...

In German "Zäsur" (=caesura) is a typical vogue term now. Everybody uses it for everything. But 10 years ago I had to look it up, too.
Please don't take my silly comment about Shakespeare's commas too seriously. I was just teasing. :-) I can imagine that Shakespeare used commas to show the rhythm of a sentence. But I can also imagine that the rules for comma usage have changed over the centuries and weren't so strict at that time.