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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

David Morrissey, Samuel West - Film - Bring Me Your Love

Bring Me Your Love (2000), short film
An adaptation of a Charles Bukowski short story written and directed by David Morrissey


Ian Hart - Harry Weaver
Saira Todd - Susan Weaver
Samuel West - Doctor Jensen
Emma Cunniffe - Rose
Duncan Duff - Taxi driver
Simon Lenigan - Man in cupboard
Beverley Eve - Nurse
Barbara Hatwell - Whore


"...David Morrissey also has a short film out this week, Bring Me Your Love, his second as director. It's a sly miniature, based on a short story by Charles Bukowski, about a journalist (Ian Hart) who visits his stricken wife (Saira Todd) in a rural sanatorium. His words are solicitous, but his body language exudes a spirit of duty. A bitter duet on love and betrayal, it holds out great promise for Morrissey's full feature début next year."

"...This film [Some Voices, starring Daniel Craig, Kelly Macdonald and David Morrissey] is accompanied by a short, Bring Me Your Love, which David Morrissey directs, and it is a film with a similar theme, dealing with mental illness - but with a short film's emphasis on irony and paradox. Ian Hart is a sucessful, faintly louche newspaper columnist visiting his wife, Saira Todd, in a some kind of residential care. She frenziedly accuses him of sleeping with other women; he gloomily notes that this is the kind of paranoia that got her here in the first place. The end twist clicks into place in a satisfying, if slightly predictable way."

Excerpt from a David Morrissey interview that took place in 2001:
"Tell us about Bring Me Your Love.
I'd read a short story, I loved it and really thought it was a good adaptation and then just got it together and did it really - that was it.
Is there a connection between this and that other feature?
No, what happened was I screened the short and the producer of this job [Sweet Revenge] now picked it up and saw it and offered me this job. The connection was that they saw it and liked it and then came to do this for them."


Screened in front of Some Voices (2000)
OIFF, 2000
Centro Cultural de la Fundació La Caixa, 2001

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