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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Rebecca Hall - Theatre - The Bridge Project. Hayley Atwell - Theatre - A View From the Bridge. Dan Stevens - Film - Hilde. Samuel West, Nancy Carroll

  • The Bridge Project - The Cherry Orchard, The Winter's Tale
    • Interview with Rebecca Hall from Time Out Singapore [link]
  • A View from the Bridge
    • Will tour to Brighton as part of the Brighton Festival in May [link]
  • Hilde
  • Michael Croft Theatre
    • Blog post about the opening of Michael Croft Theatre at Alleyn's School, Sam West and Nancy Carroll's alma mater [link]
    • Nancy Carroll interview [link]


m4sure said...

Couldn't they get the pictures any smaller? You need a blinkin magnifying glass to see them properly! lol :)

jellybean said...

I thought they were clickable thumbnails but it turns out they were just tiny!

m4sure said...

Hopefully the bigger ones will be found soon before they shrink even more. *starts praying* ;)