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Saturday, 22 November 2008

Entertainment news

  • Mary and Max, an animated film starring Philip Seymour Hoffman and Toni Collette, will open the Sundance film festival [link]
  • John Malkovich is going to film a documentary called Triple Crossing, about illegal migrants [link]
  • The trailer for Coraline, an animated adaptation of Neil Gaiman's novel, has been released (via ONTD) [link]
  • Interview with Julianne Moore from the Telegraph [link]
  • A group under the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft has taken out a lawsuit against Iinet, a broadband provider [link]
  • Australia won't save the struggling Australian film industry but hopefully it will do well at the box office 1|2
  • Interview with Tilda Swinton from the Guardian [link]
  • Article about how the economic downturn will affect the film industry [link]
  • Interview with David Tennant about Einstein and Eddington [link]


Celebrity Gossip said...

Thanks for the list of entertainment news. I do read celebrity gossip especially those issues that are in now a days.

jellybean said...

you're welcome :)
If you don't mind me asking, what issues do you come across in your gossip reading?