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Monday, 17 March 2008

Samuel West - Theatre - Drunk Enough to Say I Love You

* updated 29 March

Drunk Enough to Say I Love You?


New York Times
"... Will Guy leave Sam? Will Sam break down if he is left alone? Against the odds, Mr. West and Mr. Cohen make us care about such soap-opera-ish questions, even as we recoil from what is obviously an unsavory case of codependency.

They give human flesh to characters who could easily be papier-mâché figureheads. They invite you to think about politics as a personal equation and personal affairs as a political one, so the play’s metaphor, which could be too blunt by half, cuts on two sides..."

New York Daily News
"...the production is slickly staged by James Macdonald. Scott Cohen gives Sam a pushiness and irresistible charm. Samuel West, as Guy, has the right trace of submission..."

The Star-Ledger
"...In league with his first-rate actors and designers, Macdonald offers a brisk and assured presentation of this polemic comedy."

"...West and Cohen are mesmerizing, their uneasy to-and-fro echoing the playwright's incomparable skill at making language, as much as actions, a dangerous monster..."

"...Under James MacDonald's authoritative direction, both Cohen and West couldn't be better..."

"...Under the direction of James Macdonald (who also staged the London production in 2006), both actors are accomplished at the artificially staccato dialogue and the very pregnant pauses. They are also very consistent in establishing the British/American dichotomy..."

"...the fine performances by Scott Cohen as Sam and Samuel West as Guy are sterling examples of actors in complete control of their craft, committed to a concept and making it work..."


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Opening night
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