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Thursday, 15 November 2007

Hayley Atwell - Film - How About You

[updated 8 March 2014]

According to IFTN and irishmovies, the film will be released in Ireland 16 November.

Synopsis from Bankside films:
HOW ABOUT YOU tells the story of Ellie (Hayley Atwell), a footloose and fearless young woman who is left in charge of a residential home owned and run by her older sister Kate (Orla Brady), over the Christmas period. Her youth and inexperience bring her into bitter conflict with the four grumpy old residents known as the “hardcore”: retired screen beauty Georgia (Vanessa Redgrave), spinster sisters Hazel (Imelda Staunton) and Heather (Brenda Fricker), and a reformed alcoholic judge, Donald (Joss Ackland). The film deals with the at times hilarious antics of these uncivilized seniors, the gradual solidarity that develops between the residents and Ellie and an unlikely romance.

The Irish Times, 16 November 2007
"...Atwell (from TV's The Line of Beauty) and [Orla] Brady (who was unforgettable in A Love Divided) respond engagingly to the sisters they play..."

The Irish Times, 17 November 2007, by Donald Clarke
"...She [Hayley] is not quite famous yet, but, unless an anvil falls on her head, her face will be turning up on magazine covers very soon...Atwell, who was raised in west London, appears to have had a ball shooting the film in Co Wicklow. 'I was staying in this hotel and spent every free moment walking up the Sugar Loaf,' she says. 'I bought myself a tin whistle and taught myself The Wild Rover. It was great to get back to nature.' So she wasn't in the pub with the gang every night? 'Not really. Though Joss Ackland and I did start up a film club for the cast. He was absolutely appalled that I had seen so few films by Robert Mitchum.'..."

IFTN [excerpt from an interview with director Anthony Byrne]
"...Hayley Atwell, at just 25 years old, was a spring chicken amongst her older acting peers, but the acting veterans were quick to take the young actress under their wing, and the chemistry between her character Ellie and the older residents bounces of the screen.

'It was all very good natured,' says Byrne. 'I think for Hayley as an actor, they were all very supportive and very generous as well because it’s tough for her, she’s only 25 so it’s difficult for a young actor who doesn’t have the experience to step into a room with Joss Ackland, Imelda Staunton and Brenda Fricker and do what she does and they were very cool with her'..."


Bankside Films

Trailer screencaps (video source: Ferndale Films)

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