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Thursday, 13 September 2007

Hayley Atwell - Film - Cassandra's Dream (TIFF)

* updated 16 February

Page about the film at the TIFF official site

Canoe - JAM! Showbiz [link]


Globe and Mail
[post screening party at Chanel]"...Ms. Atwell, all of 25, wore a sophisticated but age-appropriate black dress with jewelled detailing from Moschino (and Chanel drop earrings, she made sure to tell me). Most exciting for her, however, was that the outfit had side pockets into which she tucks her hands..."

JAM! showbiz
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[link 2]


Scott McDermott/Corbis [link]. Search for "OUT18917094 (RM)", "OUT18917096 (RM)", "OUT18917095 (RM)", "OUT18917091 (RM)", "OUT18917092 (RM)", "OUT18917093 (RM)", "OUT18917090 (RM)", "OUT18917089 (RM)", "OUT18917088 (RM)", "OUT18917087 (RM)"

hayleyatwell.net [link]

Afterparty at Chanel:
Exposay [link]
Getty [link 1] [link 2]

Popsugar [link]
Wireimage [link]
MCT Direct 1|2
AP [link]
dost @ flickr 1|2
Toronto Life [link]
Dan Truong @ flickr [link]
Getty [link]
prphotos [link]
indian nomad @ flickr [link]

Press conference:
ViewImages [link]

Portrait session:
Getty [link]

kayvontv [link]
SliceGirls - Working It part 2 [link]

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