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Sunday, 20 May 2007

Kelly Macdonald - Film - No Country for Old Men

ETA: turns out kellymacdonald.com has been revived, so check there for more updates on the film. [link]

Nice quotes about Kelly for the film No Country for Old Men which premiered at Cannes this week.

Hollywood Reporter
"...a devoted young wife played convincingly by Kelly MacDonald..."

France 24
"...Also starring is Scottish actress Kelly MacDonald of "Trainspotting" fame, who threw off her Glaswegian accent for a remarkably authentic Texan one.

Joel Coen said her nationality almost excluded her from the beginning.

"When they first mentioned her I said "No f... way!'" he said. But "when I heard her speak Texan I said 'How did you do that?'"

"...Scottish thesp Kelly Macdonald registers potently as Moss's country wife..."

"...What you remember is the tender bantering between the sheriff and his wife or between the vet and his young bride (the Glaswegian actress Kelly Macdonald, passing immaculately for a west Texan)..."

Screen Daily
"...A surprise piece of cast, Scots actress Kelly Macdonald is effective as Texas gal Carla Jean and brings a warmth and personality to the part that makes the most of her relatively brief screen time..."

Pictures of Kelly from the Cannes premiere and photocall can be found at Getty, Wire Image and presumably other wire services.

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