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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Charles Edwards - Matchbox Theatre and Waste interviews

Charles, Alex Jennings and Roger Allam are in episode 1 of Michael Frayn's Matchbox Theatre, which premieres on BBC Radio 4 tomorrow (27 November).

He has been interviewed in Official London Theatre and The Stage. In the former, he discusses working at the National Theatre:
"When I started being an actor, being here at the National Theatre was always the goal. Doing All My Sons here in 2000 with Howard Davies directing was one of the biggest thrills. Getting a job at the National. The feeling never abates when you come to work here."

In the latter, he discusses Henry Trebell, the character he plays in Waste:
"He’s used to having to compartmentalise. He’ll have an intensely emotional scene that has to be kept quiet so as not to be heard outside, and then suddenly, the door will be flung open and in comes a big political figure and immediately he’s putting up a front. It’s the switch back and forth, that’s what I love."

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