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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Charles Edwards - Double Acts, #15secondshakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing

Charles and Celia Imrie will star in the first episode of John Finnemore's Double Acts on BBC Radio 4. The series begins in October (Finnemore's Twitter, @JohnFinnemore 1|2|3)

This is Charles' take on #15secondshakespeare*

Playwright Ken Ludwig mentioned Charles in an interview about his "Favorite Things" (Playbill).
"As for Much Ado, this funniest of all Shakespeare plays has received two other productions that I love: one that I’ve only seen on tape, with Sam Waterston in the Public Theater production; and one that I saw at the Globe in London with Charles Edwards and Eve Best. Together, they gave two of the best Shakespeare performances I’ve ever seen – and you can get it on DVD!"
Ludwig is referring to a 2011 production of Much Ado About Nothing at the Globe; click here to find out more.

* reciting lyrics, Shakespeare style (Nerd Reactor)

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