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Monday, 2 July 2012

Samuel West - five projects on iPlayer

Update (30 July): the episodes of Night Waves (#1 and #5) and The Other Dickens (#3) are still available for streaming on the BBC Radio 3 website.

Below is a list of radio things featuring Sam in various capacities: reader, actor, director and guest. The items are in different stages of availability. #1 and #2 are currently on iPlayer; #3 and #4 will be broadcast in the next 24 hours and #5 will be broadcast in a few days time.
  1. Sam read passages by Jean Jacques Rousseau for last Wednesday's episode of Night Waves (via his Twitter, @exitthelemming)
  2. Here has been repeated on BBC Radio 4 Extra (via @exitthelemming)
  3. He is the reader for the Sunday Feature The Other Dickens (previously posted here)
  4. Money, which Sam directed, will be rebroadcast on BBC Radio 3 (previously posted here)
  5. He will be a guest on this Tuesday's episode of Night Waves, discussing procrastination with Frank Partnoy, the author of "Wait" (Samira Ahmed 1|2)

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