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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Samuel West - Television - Eternal Law

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(Lovely angel hugs from the final episode of Eternal Law)

Eternal Law was not commissioned by ITV for a second series. This news was tweeted by Sam:
"Alas there will be no more Eternal Law; not enough people watched it. A thousand thanks to those of you who did, and said such kind things.
I’ll miss Zak and the gang enormously, but I’m very proud of the work we did. And we’ll always have York. Onward! #EternalLaw"


Anonymous said...

Yes the world has gone mad...we finally get some drama that actually looks at spirituality, justice and making the world a better place!...and it is axed. But hey lets continue to show total rubbish, encourage people to gamble, spend loads of money etc etc....thats true insanity!

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when the heart is replaced with cold, hard cash. You can't make good Art if your only motivation is cash and keeping B'wankers happy. Someone said that it cost millions to make a series like this - why is that? I am not going to watch ITV anymore. It's not just about ET. But it's about not giving new and unusual concepts a fair chance. Most of the programmes are dreary and repetitive. Safe old bets. Any profits made from the TV Arts should be used to fund more TV Art. Not line some stuffed shirts already over stuffed mattress of a wallet.

Jennifer said...

Hi Anonymouses,

Thanks for stopping by. Some people on Twitter have said that if EL was made by the BBC it might have had a better chance of getting recommissioned. Even though it's been cancelled, the show will be rewatched or discovered on DVD; and presumably it has been sold for broadcast in other countries as well.

Onward indeed - on screen, Sam will next be seen in Great Britain: Our Story and Hyde Park on Hudson.