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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Samuel West. Andrei Sannikov fairy tales. Theatre - Close the Coalhouse Door. Radio - With Great Pleasure.

Screencap of Sam and Aleh Sidorchyk (video source: IndexOnCensorshipTV)

Index on Censorship has uploaded a video of the Andrei Sannikov fairy tales performed by Sam, Michael Sheen, Joanna Lumley, Aleh Sidorchyk and Pavel Arakelyan (Charter 97).

Tour dates for Close the Coalhouse Door are as follows: Northern Stage (13 April-5 May), Yvonne Arnaud (29 May-2 June), Gala Durham (12-16 June), York Theatre Royal (26-30 June).

Sam is one of the readers for an upcoming episode of With Great Pleasure (United Agents).


Deb said...

This was so wonderful! And btw Jen, I thought I was already a follower here but apparently I wasn't. I am now! xx

Jennifer said...

The actors' voices and facial expressions were hilarious and Pavel's saxophone playing was lovely! I think the followers thing on my blog has been playing up - it has a tendency to display different numbers.