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Monday, 7 November 2011

Charles Edwards. Theatre - Much Ado About Nothing. Theatre - Happy Days in the Art World. Television - Holy Flying Circus.

Charles is on the longlist for the Evening Standard Theatre Awards in the best actor category for his portrayal of Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing at the Globe. The shortlist will be announced this week.

Publicity for the Glasgow and New York performances of Happy Days in the Art World includes a review from the Scotsman, and articles from Standard Culture and the New York Times.

Several reviews of Holy Flying Circus (broadcast on BBC4 last month) have commented positively on Charles' performance as Michael Palin - some quotes are below. In other press, The Northern Echo has an interview with Charles.

"Charles Edwards is extraordinary as Michael Palin... It's as if Palin has hopped off the travelator of time in his mid-thirties and hopped backed on again, 32 years later."

"The cast is magnificent: Charles Edwards is an uncanny Michael Palin and Green Wing's Darren Boyd almost matches John Cleese moustache-for-moustache."

"Of all the Pythons, the two captured most brilliantly are Michael Palin (I can’t praise Charlie Edwards enough) and John Cleese (Darren Boyd channelling Basil Fawlty, which is weird but works)."

"Charles Edwards as Michael Palin was more Palin than Palin himself, and perfectly captured the quiet charm, self-deprecating humility and all-round nice guy-ness that caused the other Pythons to sarcastically, but always affectionately, label him The Nicest Man in the World."

"Charles Edwards as Michael Palin and Darren Boyd as John Cleese were superb."

Mint Magazine
"Spot on performances particularly from Charles Edwards in the central role as Michael “The Nicest Man in the World” Palin who gave the play its heart..."

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