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Friday, 10 June 2011

Television - Eternal Law

The timeline below has been sourced from tweets by Sam West (Zak), Monastic Productions (writers Matthew Graham and Ashley Pharaoh), Ukweli Roach (Tom), Claire Jo Benjamin (assistant director) and Rosalie Carew (script editor) for the past few weeks. In late May, the second block began shooting in locations such as a field and a pet cemetery. The past two weeks have had night shoots and running around with wings on. Throughout, the writers have been very pleased with the rushes. The final block of filming begins next week.

10 June
The last block of filming begins next week (@MonasticProds)

9 June
Filming next to a pub called the Slip In (@ClaireJoBenji)
Running with wings on (@UkweliRoach)

8 June
Positivity about rushes from the second block (@MonasticProds)
Sam's dialogue includes the word "petriochor" (@exitthelemming)

2 June
Makeup on set (@exitthelemming)

1 June
"Drowsy acting" and filming at night (@exitthelemming)
A scene from episode 4 featuring Sam made the writers cry (@MonasticProds)
Script editing for block 3 i.e. episodes 5 and 6 (@TheDramaCat)

31 May
Sam tweeted the writers, "your boy took a hell of a beating" (@exitthelemming)
James Ellis will guest star (@exitthelemming)

30 May
Rehearsing a shouty scene (@exitthelemming 1|2|3)

29 May
Importance of the banana (@exitthelemming 1|2)
Court scenes can only be filmed on Sundays, due to availability (@exitthelemming)

27 May
A filming location: Stamford Bridge (@exitthelemming)
Riding a motorbike (@exitthelemming, @UkweliRoach)
Finished writing the second draft of episode 6 (@MonasticProds)

25 May
Filming in a caravan containing fishing magazines as set dressing (@exitthelemming)
Filming in a pet cemetery (@MonasticProds)

24 May
Filming in a field (@ClaireJoBenji)

23 May
The second block i.e. episodes 3 and 4 began filming (@exitthelemming)

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