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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Charles Edwards - Theare - Twelfth Night

[updated 17 March]

Charles plays Sir Andrew Aguecheek in the National Theatre's production of Twelfth Night, which runs until 2 March. Also, on 7 February, Charles and fellow cast members Simon Callow and Finty Williams will participate in Talking Shakespeare, a platform about the production.


"Charles Edwards's Aguecheek, arguably the best performance of the evening, is no mere ninny but an aristocratic manic depressive who lends a rueful sadness to the haunting line, 'I was adored once too.'"

"Charles Edwards gives the funniest performance of the evening. His Sir Andrew Aguecheek is a deliciously twitchy fop, his eyes forever swivelling insecurely."

British Theatre Guide
"The rest of the comedy is delivered by a superb quartet of character actors playing the drunken revellers. Happily boorish Simon Callow, doltish Charles Edwards, mischievous Finty Williams and the deadpan David Ryall respectively seem made to play boisterous Sir Toby Belch, enthusiastically dim Sir Andrew Aguecheek, sexy, witty Maria and the painfully lugubrious fool Feste."

Hollywood Reporter
"It is Edwards who steals a march with a performance that is hilarious and touching as the dimwitted Aguecheek. His manner of determined self-interest let down by limited intellect and bad timing is a constant delight, and yet the vulnerability of his quiet aside, 'I was adored once,' is sad."

"Charles Edwards’ Aguecheek is one of the funniest I've seen. His is not the usual thin-faced fop but someone trying to be one of the lads yet touchingly aware of his own shortcomings."

"Charles Edwards is hilariously puppyish and innocent in the latter role [Andrew Aguecheek], and his winning energy and great line in physical comedy almost steal the show."

Wall Street Journal
"Mr. Edwards gives a great performance of Andrew Aguecheek as an almost endearingly wistful, silly fop."

"The finest performance is by Charles Edwards. His beautifully subtle, sweetly ridiculous Aguecheek is funny not because he is an overdressed nitwit (which he is) but because Edwards makes him so good-humoredly and painfully self-aware."


Playbill/Nobby Clark
Rex Features
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