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Friday, 8 October 2010

Samuel West - Theatre - A Number

[updated 17 August 2013]

Posts about A Number are here.


"With the Wests, the human drama is brought fully to the fore... the chance to witness the generational baton being passed – and so adroitly – in this revered family of actors is unmissable."

Evening Standard
"Caryl Churchill’s prickly, rewarding play...
Samuel West manages in his three different guises to be pained, sardonic, resentful, brutish and suave. There’s a meaty rawness throughout.
Timothy West gives a performance richly furbished with little tics and postural shifts that betray the intimate mechanics of self-justification."

Official London Theatre Guide
"As Salter, West senior shows us how easily that decision could be made, how a potent emotional mix of grief, regret and a desire to have another shot at life can culminate in a man making this horrific choice.
In playing three of Salter’s sons – the original Bernard and two clones – Samuel West shows his versatility as he deftly changes from one character to the other..."

"Churchill creates a play that is as emotionally upsetting as it is intellectually and morally profound... Timothy West plays the father with a mixture of furtive unease, gnawing guilt and a deeply moving vulnerability... Samuel West differentiates the three sons with high-definition panache."

The Stage
"The Wests’ performances are meticulous..."

The Guardian
"superb acting from West pere et fils..."


After party: guests included Laura Wade, Marcus Brigstocke and Malcolm Sinclair

Tristram Kenton/The Guardian
unknown/Evening Standard

Screencaps from Sam and Timothy's interview (7 October) on The Alan Titchmarsh Show (click thumbnails for full size):
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