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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Television - Murder on the Orient Express

David Suchet returns as Hercule Poirot in Murder on the Orient Express, which has begun filming. The cast includes Hugh Bonneville (Edward Masterman), Toby Jones (Samuel Ratchett), David Morrissey (John Arbuthnot) and Samuel West (Dr Constantine). [link]


The Umbrellas of Sefibourg said...

I loved the old movie and this cast is amazing. Pity I know the twist but what-evs. Any clue on the female cast? There are some good roles for older character actresses.

Will check it out!

jellybean said...

I've linked to the ITV press release in this post - the female cast includes Dame Eileen Atkins, Jessica Chastain, Marie-Josée Croze, Barbara Hershey, Susanne Lothar and Elaina Satine. I only know of Atkins and Hershey but I'm sure the others are great as well.

I'd read the book before seeing the old film (the film's cast is good too), so I also know the twist.

Monika (Filmographysam) said...

What a wonderful piece of news. It made my day. I love the Poirot series very much and I'm always a bit worried whether it'll be continued or not, because you never know what's going on in the heads of the guys who decide such things. The only bad thing is that now there's nothing left to wish. ;-)

jellybean said...

It made my day too :) you could rewatch the Poirots that have already been done, David Suchet is a wonderful Poirot!

Monika (Filmographysam) said...

Yes, he is, and therefore I bought all the DVDs of this series and watch them at least once a year. I'm looking forward to the new episodes in December. David Suchet is my favourite Poirot, although I also like the ones with Peter Ustinov very much. But Suchet is more like the Poirot in the books. Maybe I'm a bit pedantic, but that's important for me.