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Friday, 1 May 2009

Hayley Atwell - Theatre - A View From the Bridge. Rosamund Pike - Theatre - Madame de Sade. Samuel West - Radio - Coughs and Sneezes

  • Hayley Atwell and Elizabeth Mastrantonio interview about A View From the Bridge [link]
  • Rosamund interview from bmi voyager [link]
  • Sam will be in "Coughs and Sneezes," an episode of From Fact to Fiction on BBC Radio 4 tomorrow. It will be available on iPlayer up to a week after broadcast. [link]


Monika (Filmographysam) said...

"Coughs and Sneezes"? That makes me think of Sam's interview for Theatrevoice last November. ;-) Thanks for the link. :-)

m4sure said...

Just listened to 'Coughs ad Sneezes' and I'm afraid I wasn't impressed at all. :/

Monika (Filmographysam) said...

It must be very difficult to write a 15-minute-play under such conditions. I liked her idea to combine the swine flu with the typical "separation-after-vacation". It's so funny to think that you must share the quarantine with your ex-lover, haha. This was my first opportunity to get to know one of Laura Wade's works and I enjoyed it very much. I admire her style of writing.

jellybean said...

I thought it was good considering there was a very short time frame to put the play together.

Prior to "Coughs and Sneezes" I'd only heard Laura Wade on the Theatrevoice podcast, and had heard that her work is critically acclaimed.
I like Sam's Theatrevoice interview, I reckon it's really interesting :)

Monika (Filmographysam) said...

Oh, thank you very much for this link. I listened to her with great interest and was surprised that the 38 minutes passed so quickly. She's a very fascinating person. (If I may use one of her favourite words...)

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that one of Laura's themes is couples who have been together a long time, and how that affects the way they communicate with each other - so I can see why she chose the idea that she did.
Liked the premis and loved the one liners, but would have liked some things to have been expanded upon, like the death of the friend's sister.

jellybean said...

She's articulate as well - I haven't read or seen any of her theatrical work but when she discussed the shaking hands thing in Other Hands I'm pretty sure I understood what she was on about.

The one liners were good indeed, I like the one where Dan says he is very ill and Helen replies, "You're a man, we have to factor that in."

Monika (Filmographysam) said...

Yes, what she said about "Other Hands" aroused my curiosity. I found the book at British Amazon and will read it during my summer holidays. I'm always looking for new "English teachers" and I think she'll be a better one than Charles Dickens who drives me crazy at the moment.