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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Nancy Carroll, Samuel West - Theatre - The Lady's Not For Burning

The Lady's Not For Burning by Christoper Fry
Minerva Studio, Chichester Festival Theatre
22 May - 15 June 2002

Jennet Jourdemayne - Nancy Carroll
Thomas Mendip - Alan Cox
Hebble Tyson - Benjamin Whitrow
Margaret Devize - Alison Fiske
Chaplain - Patrick Godfrey
Humphrey Devize - James Thorne
Alizon Eliot - Georgina Sutcliffe
Richard - Ben Silverstone
Edward Tappercoom - Roger Booth
Nicholas Devize - Oliver Senton
Matthew Skipps - Leader Hawkins


The Guardian
"...Samuel West's intelligent and beguiling production...West's sharp, unshowy production serves the play well, and throws up sharp, unshowy performances where no one is a star and everyone works together with true generosity..."

"...Nancy Carroll as the persecuted girl is bewitching indeed..."

The Argus
"...Samuel West has assembled a talented cast..."

The Telegraph
"...The actor Samuel West could hardly have chosen a trickier assignment for his directorial debut, but he and his cast do remarkably well, capturing the play's genuine warmth and humour...Nancy Carroll potently alluring as the "witch" who wants to live..."

Chichester Observer
"...In director Samuel West's expert hands Christopher Fry's verse comedy gets full value as the masterpiece it clearly is..."


Evening Standard, 21 May 2002


Arenapal. arp1034831- arp1034853

Latin phrases and unusual words from the play
(unless otherwise indicated, sources are The New Oxford Dictionary of English, OUP 1998, 2nd edn and Collins Latin Dictionary, Collins 1997, 2000 edn)

Act 1:
  • Catarrh. Excessive discharge or build-up of mucus in the nose or throat, associated with inflammation of the mucous membrane.
  • Sanctus fumus. Holy smoke.
Act 2:
  • Peculation. The act of stealing money.
  • Stultiloquential. Adj stultiloquy (foolish babbling).
  • Nunc dimittus. Now dismissed.
  • Cachinnation. Act of laughing loudly.
Act 3:
  • Ambrosial. Adj ambrosia, food of the gods.
  • Ignis fatuus. Passionate silliness.

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