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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Rebecca Hall - Theatre - The Winter's Tale

[updated 19 March 2011]


Daily Mail
"...I've enjoyed seeing Beale, Hall, Cusack, Easton and Hamilton in this special company..."

Hartford Courant
"...he [Simon Russell Beale] is matched by the young, stately Rebecca Hall as his seemingly doomed queen Hermione. The daughter of the legendary Peter Hall grows with every performance, and her frozen pose as the queen's statue generates amazement, until she warms and comes alive in the richly moving ending..."

"...Among the other high points of Sam Mendes’s revival are a most creditable bear and, no less admirable, Hall, posing as Hermione’s statue with perfect immobility...Even when mobile, Hall is a winning Hermione..."

The Brooklyn Paper
"...Hall positively blooms as the wronged queen..."

Music OMH
"...Rebecca Hall steals the show as Hermione, dominating the courtroom scene..."

Brooklyn Daily Eagle
"...As Hermoine, Rebecca Hall is also excellent. She shows a starkly believable transformation between a pampered queen and a starved prisoner. Her agony upon learning the fate of her son is heartbreaking and authentic..."

Show Showdown
"...Simon Russell Beale, Sinead Cusack, Rebecca Hall, Ethan Hawke and Richard Easton are all outstanding; it's too rare a pleasure to see an ensemble so thoroughly comfortable with Shakespeare's language and rhythms..."

Time Out NY
"...The wronged wife, Hermione, is played with warm, hurt dignity by Rebecca Hall..."

Play Shakespeare
"...Rebecca Hall as Hermione is stunning, largely pregnant in bold eggplant, with brassy majesty to match. She is truly a fine actress who can anchor a Shakespearean character in authentic emotional clarity..."

Epoch Times
"...As Hermione, Hall comes across as both earthy and regal. The actress brings a bit of fresh air to what could be a rather shallow role, making her completely sympathetic and allowing all to see why The Queen is so respected and loved. (And why some would defy the King on order to aid her.)..."


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