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Monday, 29 December 2008

Samuel West - Television - Random Quest



"...Samuel West is impressive and understated as Colin..."

Strange Tales
"...The cast is full of faces that are not unfamiliar to the world of British fantasy... starring Narnia’s Prince Caspian himself, Samuel West, along with Shaun Of The Dead’s Kate Ashfield, Doctor Who’s Shaun Parkes, and Hex’s Jemima Rooper (in a criminally small role)... and very good they are too!..."

"A superb, intelligent drama that went well beyond the horizons of conventional science-fiction, and mused on the profundity of every day choices and fate..."

Radio Times
Samuel West stars in a dramatisation of the John Wyndham story that offers a curious mixture of old-fashioned storytelling, scientific speculation from 60 years ago and a love story. The result is a low-key treat that's firmly rooted in the past; a version of the same story was made in 1969 for BBC2's Out of the Unknown strand. West plays Colin Trafford, a nuclear scientist transported to an alternate version of our world who finds himself in the skin of a very different Colin. Dream-like, the drama is entertaining enough, but low on surprises.


Fabulous recap by juni-shuni [link]

Screencaps (click thumbnails for full size)
RQ1470 RQ1920 RQ2129
RQ2760 RQ3102 RQ3321


m4sure said...

I quite liked the concept of Random Quest. It could happen. Maybe it already has? :)

jellybean said...

I like the concept of a parallel universe too. The love story in Random Quest was quite bittersweet - I prefer that to the melodramatics of the love story in The Amber Spyglass (final book in the His Dark Materials trilogy), for instance.