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Friday, 21 November 2008

Samuel West - Theatre - Waste


Broadwayworld [link]

Review excerpts:

What's on Stage
"...Samuel West’s magisterial, superbly cast revival at the Almeida [...] has the unmistakeable clamour of an Edwardian political classic pressing all the right contemporary buttons..."

The Guardian
"Lovers of good drama and politics junkies should flock to Samuel West's superb revival of Harley Granville Barker's play...West's meticulous production..."

The Independent
"...in this past year, he [Sam] has begun to establish himself as a director of the front rank...there's the excellent balance he achieves between the public wheeler-dealing and the private desolation in this consummate revival of Harley Granville Barker's play Waste..."

The Sunday Times
"...Sam West’s confidently unhurried direction...West’s fine direction..."

Evening Standard
"...Samuel West's definitive production of this great Edwardian play by Granville Barker...Waste itself taxes, tests and stretches the mind, but what an overwhelming experience."

Curtain Up
"...Sam West's production is exceptionally well cast and I feel his experience as an actor comes into play here...in Sam West's skilled hands, I am persuaded to admire a perfect production."

"...Samuel West’s superbly balanced production brings to dramatic life Barker’s subtly intelligent arguments..."

Time Out
"...Samuel West’s sensitive and engrossing production...West’s meticulous production..."

West End Whingers
"...The astonishingly sensitive direction of Samuel West whose ability to direct quiet, intimate scenes which compel is unparalleled in the Whingers’ humble opinions..."

Theatre News Online
"...As director, West brings a gathering potency to a play that genuinely benefits from so enquiring an intelligence..."

Daily Express
"...this stunning revival by Samuel West has quite remarkable power..."

"...Actor-turned-director Samuel West discovers almost all the play's penetrating insights and subtle grace-notes...This is a spellbinding production of a superbly rich and subtle play."

Financial Times
"...Samuel West's handsome, beautifully acted production..."

The Stage
"...Samuel West ensures that every word, every movement, is calculated - but without impinging on the play...A jewel of a production."

Gareth James
"...Samuel West has delivered a finely detailed production with a first class cast..."

Hampstead and Highgate Express
"...you couldn't see a better production of it than Sam West's; it is compelling, entertaining and lovely to look at..."


m4sure said...

I'm very pleased for Sam. All his hard work and effort has paid off yet again with this thought provoking play. I really loved the womens costumes too. Especially Amy O'Connell's.

jellybean said...

A lot of the reviews have praised his attention to detail - the Theatre News Online one mentions period stationery being used on the set, which is rather awesome.