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Sunday, 14 September 2008

Samuel West - Audio - The Arthur trilogy

The Seeing Stone

Silver Spoken Word Award 2001 (Children: Over 7)

The Independent
"...Samuel West narrates with a minstrel's grace..."

At the Crossing Places

Time Out
"...Samuel West's controlled and appealing characterisation is hugely successful, simple and dazzling..."

Daily Express
"...A multi-layered story superbly read by Samuel West..."

The Independent
"...Narrated with compelling commitment by Samuel West, it's Arthurian legend as re-lived by a 'real' child at the beginning of the 13th century. Subtly addressing many timeless, worrying issues of justice, ambition and privilege within a tangible, accessible context, this could well be the best audio of the year, for parents as well as children..."

King of the Middle March

Sunday Express
"...it's beautifully read by Sam West..."

"Read by the excellent Sam West, a children's book that adults will find compelling."

"...Samuel West's expressive reading makes the story flow, with the only interruption being snatches of shivery music like falling leaves. A superb audio book for the over 11-s..."


Anonymous said...

Ooo something exciting to listen to at bedtime! hehe!

jellybean said...

I've listened to At the Crossing Places, it's lovely :)