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Saturday, 2 August 2008

Dan Stevens - Radio - Dickens Confidential

Dickens Confidential Series 2
by Mike Walker and Rob Kinsman

Broadcast June-July 2008 on BBC Radio 4

Charles Dickens was a working journalist and, for a time, editor of The Daily News. This BBC Radio 4 series returns to take another imaginative look at how Dickens would have tackled bringing news to the masses.

It is the mid-19th-century and Charles Dickens is editor of The Herald, a newspaper part-owned by Joseph Paxton, railway magnate and self-made man. This is a paper not like any other. Its mission is to celebrate the world of industry and expose the seamy underside of British life...

Dan Stevens plays Dickens in a cast including Freddy White, Gerard Murphy, Bertie Carvel and John Dougall.

Producers. David Hunter and Tracey Neale

The Times
Last year Dickens Confidential imagined what might have happened during the days when Charles Dickens was a working journalist and, indeed, the Editor of The Daily News. Cunningly, Dickens's editorship was switched from the political Daily News to the tabloid Herald, which meant that he was at the sharp end of anything going - horrible murder, steamy scandal, ladies of the night, blackmailed bluebloods ... Now he's back - played this time by Dan Stevens - in another six tales of derring-do. In the first episode, Joseph Paxton, the newspaper's part-owner, is badly beaten. Could this have anything to do with the emergence of a new bank headed by the bombastic Iron Billy? Gangster bankers. Love it.

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