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Thursday, 7 August 2008

Dan Stevens - Audio - The Dragon's Eye

[updated 2 February 2011]

The Daily Express (20 April 2007, Kati Nicholl)
"...Dan Stevens's excellent rendition of the adventures of Beatrice and Daniel Cook as they attempt to prevent the evil Ignatius Crook stealing the dragon's eye and becoming Dragon Master is hopefully the first of many audiobook narrations by him. Dragons galore, interesting adults and feisty children are beautifully combined, so great listening..."

"...The wonderful thing about audiobooks is that they enable the listener’s imagination to be used to full effect, even more so than in paper as the voices of the narrator and accompanying sounds add to the atmosphere. This book is full of vivid description and takes you deep into the world of Daniel and Beatrice Cook, apprentice Dragonologists. Mystery, tension and lashings of fantasy make this an unmissable adventure..."

The Times
"...Dugald A. Steer's The Dragon's Eye is the first instalment of the Dragonology Chronicles, which adds narrative adventures to Dragonology, Steer's hugely popular encyclopaedia of dragon lore. The narrator, Dan Stevens, reads with such conviction and spirit that he makes it almost believable..."

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