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Monday, 14 July 2008

Dan Stevens - Theatre - As You Like It

[updated 18 March 2011]

In 2005, Dan received an Ian Charleson award nomination for his portrayal of Orlando in this production.


Curtain Up
"...[Rebecca Hall] has a natural immediacy and range that bring her character to vibrant life. It's a rare quality.
Hall is well matched by Dan Stevens whose initial rage mellows endearingly into that of a love-struck lad who writes terrible poems. Who but a poet as sure of himself as Shakespeare would have the guts to stick really bad poems in the middle of his plays?
Orlando is written as a perfectly normal kid who is late for dates and stubbornly obsessed in his passion for a girl he's seen once. Stevens captures all those qualities..."

New York Times
"...spare a few plaudits for a recent graduate of Cambridge University named Dan Stevens, who plays Rosalind's gawky, moony suitor, Orlando. Mr. Stevens tempers his teen-idol good looks with a vibrant, appropriately Shakespearean sense of how love makes fools of even the heartiest young men..."

Daily Trojan
"...Dan Stevens is delightful as the impassioned lover Orlando..."

Hollywood Reporter (10 February 2005, Ed Kaufman)
"...a fine performance by Dan Stevens..."

"...In a breezily confident professional debut, Dan Stevens' Orlando is a sweet, swooning lad whose callowness is offset by surprising strength both of physique and of character..."

"...Dan Stevens as an exceptionally likeable Orlando..."

LA Times
"...Stevens starts strong and grows stronger, able to be rebellious and likable, sappy and attractive at the same time..."


LA Times [link]




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