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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Samuel West - Duke of Ed

Last November, Sam gave a lovely speech at a Sheffield Duke of Edinburgh ceremony, which can be read here. Below are some excerpts from the speech:
"...I will talk about one thing about D of E that I think is particularly good: it takes AGES...I hope, and I believe, that you will look back on all the time invested in D of E with pride and fondness.
Because that’s what D of E is – investment. Not in a narrow, profit making sense – who cares? - but as something into which you have put a lot of time, energy and effort...We must remind ourselves that there is a world of difference between success and achievement. Everyone who gets a D of E award, of any type, has shown that they know the difference. That they have put in the hours, sweated the buckets, lived through the disappointments and come out smiling. They have achieved something of lasting worth..."

Wikipedia - Duke of Edinburgh award scheme [link]
Duke of Ed - Sheffield [link]

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