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Saturday, 26 April 2008

Charles Edwards - Television - The Shell Seekers

From hallmarkchannel.com:
"This two-hour original movie is an absorbing saga that features an extraordinary cast including Vanessa Redgrave, Maximilian Schell, Charles Edwards and Alastair MacKenzie. When Penelope Keeling (Redgrave), the feisty 64-year-old daughter of a famous artist, suffers a mild heart attack, it signals in her the chance and the need to reassess her life – by reflecting on the choices that have defined it – and gives her the chance to revisit her past. Shifting through time, the story of Penelope’s life unfolds – her bohemian childhood in London; her loveless marriage to a naval officer; her relationship with a dashing and romantic military man; her often volatile relationship with her selfish children and her efforts to repair those cracks; and the invaluable worth of her most prized possession – her late father’s exquisite painting, The Shell Seekers, a unifying work of art with the power to bring her family together or destroy the bonds forever. The Shell Seekers premieres Saturday, May 3 (9-11 p.m.)"

From the Associated Press:
"...An exquisite painting links bygone moments in the life of Penelope Keeling, the 64-year-old daughter of a famous artist, in The Shell Seekers, a made-for-TV film starring Vanessa Redgrave that premieres 9 p.m. EDT Saturday [3 May] on the Hallmark Channel. Based on Rosamunde Pilcher's best-selling novel, this is a portrait of a woman who has traveled from her childhood in London through an unhappy marriage and an all-too-brief romance, to her fractious relationship with her children, now grown. How will her late father's painting affect Penelope's efforts to bring her shattered family back together? The film — also featuring Maximilian Schell, Charles Edwards and Alastair MacKenzie — is a remake of a 'Hallmark Hall of Fame' production starring Angela Lansbury that was aired by ABC in 1989..."

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