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Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Dan Stevens - Theatre - The Vortex

[updated 18 September 2009]


"...Dan Stevens is terrific in Coward’s former role as the neurotic son...Stevens brings a memorable combination of self-loathing and barely contained hysteria to the role, while the scenes of awkward tenderness with his cuckolded father, beautifully played by Paul Ridley, are very affecting..."

The Independent
"...Stevens, in agonised lost-boy confusion, beautifully registers the emotional neglect that Nicky has suffered because of Florence's selfish priorities..."

The Guardian
"...Dan Stevens's performance as Nicky is subtle and affecting..."

Daily Express
"...This was the role that Coward wrote for himself, and it’s testament to Stevens’ talent that you cannot hear anything of Noel’s trademark clipped delivery in this performance – nor do you want to..."

The Times
"...Coward wrote what he called this 'whacking good part' for himself, but Stevens seizes it with trembling, neur-asthenic hands and makes it his own..."

"...Her [Felicity Kendal's] performance is matched by an equally subtle one from Dan Stevens as Nicky. Coward described this role as a 'whacking good part' and wrote it for himself. Stevens avoids mimicking Coward's clipped style, and turns Nicky into a frightened child who disguises his vulnerability with jokes and charm..."

Theatre News Online
"...Stevens's astute take on him [Nicky Lancaster, the character he plays]..."


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