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Friday, 21 December 2007

Samuel West; Hayley Atwell

* updated 29 January

According to Spotlight, Sam is no longer with PFD - he is now with United Agents, but I think it is safe to assume he still has the same agent. Ditto for Hayley.

The change of agency was probably due to problems between PFD and its parent company CSS Stellar. Here is a brief outline of what happened:
  • Late 2006
    Iostar, a (now defunct) multimedia company, enters negotiations with CSS to acquire PFD. CSS had not consulted PFD regarding the negotiations.
    - "Airey burnt by falling Iostar", Variety, 27 April 2007 [link]

  • Late April - mid May 2007
    Iostar goes into liquidation because of lack of funds. It later collapses.
    - "Dawn's darkest hour", The Guardian, 30 April 2007 [link]
    - "Media start-up Iostar folds after high-profile departure", The Independent, 13 May 2007 [link]
    Several PFD agents lodge a bid for an MBO.
    - "Airey burnt by falling Iostar", Variety, 27 April 2007 [link]

  • July 2007
    PFD and CSS formally enter management buyout negotiations.
    - "PFD moves towards MBO", Variety, 4 July 2007 [link]

  • September 2007
    CSS rejects PFD's MBO offer. Most of PFD's agents resign.
    - "PFD agents quit to form new firm", Variety, 12 September 2007 [link]
    Caroline Michel, who used to work at William Morris, becomes PFD's chief executive.
    - "WMA's Michel takes over at PFD", Hollywood Reporter, 13 September 2007 [link]
    The PFD agents who resigned decide to launch their own company after Christmas.
    - "Michel in, agents out at PFD", Variety, 13 September 2007

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