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Monday, 3 December 2007

Samuel West - Theatre - Dealer's Choice

Interview from the Guardian [link]. Here are some interesting insights about Dealer's Choice:
"...Marber thinks that West's production has achieved something his own never did. 'Mine was a bit... poker-faced. It was my first play, and I was worried about the actors being seen to be too indulgent. Sam's is funny, but when the characters are at their most devastated and broken, you feel for them more. When the play opened, it was regarded as a lad's play; that was the sheen. We had Ray Winstone and Phil Daniels, and it was macho and sexy. This is sadder; Sam has allowed it to be more emotional'....'I have to tell you at some point in this lovely chat what the play is about,' he says. 'Because it's not about poker.' He pauses, meaningfully. 'What I've come to realise... is... it's what it is like to be born... into the curse of being... male and therefore competitive...'"

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