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Sunday, 9 December 2007

Hayley Atwell - Television - Mansfield Park

* updated 31 January

"...Mansfield Park does have the benefit of two of Austen’s most cherishable baddies, Mary and Henry Crawford, the dastardly London siblings who blight everything they touch on their arrival in Mansfield. Hayley Atwell and Joseph Beattie brought just enough sincerity to their performances to let them seem eminently reformable at times – and so played them perfectly..."

Hollywood Reporter
"...it's Atwell, as Mary, who steals this show with her insouciant sex appeal and droll rendering of lines..."

San Francisco Chronicle
"...Hayley Atwell and Joseph Beattie are wonderfully oily as the Crawfords..."

Excerpt from an interview with Blake Ritson, who plays Edmund Bertram:
"...talking of his leading ladies, Billie Piper and Hayley Atwell, Blake adds: 'They are both absolutely lovely and easy to work with. Both are very generous, fresh and playful on set which is nice. We were very relaxed on set, larking around and somehow that created the right energy, especially for the dancing and wedding scenes. The energy just bleeds seamlessly from before to during a take...'"


Rex Features [link]

PBS press room 1|2

Screencaps from the trailer and program:
ITV trailer

Sample caps

All caps (101 of them) can be downloaded from here.

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