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Friday, 1 June 2007

Ruth Wilson - Theatre - Philistines

[updated 2 March 2009]

Production: Philistines, by Maxim Gorky
Theatre: National Theatre, London

"...Ruth Wilson cracks the heart as the plain daughter who has to watch the man she loves proposing to the maid..."

"...there is rich comedy in the portrait of this exploding family...If there is tragedy, it lies within Ruth Wilson's Tanya who seems doomed to disappointment from the start. But the joy of a superb evening lies in the overdue rediscovery of a play that links the family to politics and that confirms Gorky was an unparalleled observer of his times."

"Ruth Wilson gives a shattering performance as the almost spectral Tanya who haunts the shadows of Bunny Christie’s moody, brown-tiled, right-angled set."

"...a beautifully acted production...The excellent Ruth Wilson pulls you right inside the suffocating plight of the depressive daughter..."

"...Ruth Wilson’s suicidal and ghostly Tanya - who begins and ends the play in seemingly hopeless limbo, a victim equally of her environment and her own self-centredness – makes a big impact..."

Daily Express
"...she makes for a touchingly wounded Tanya.

She is like a fragile bird and her vulnerability and desperation creates sympathy and lends her weary and ever-complaining character a great poignancy..."

Culture Wars
"...Ruth Wilson as Tanya seems at times to be able to draw the entire auditorium into her grief..."

British Theatre Guide
"...The young woman, twice described by her father as a "scowling old maid", is played by Ruth Wilson who offers the damaged, bird-like stage presence associated with Victoria Hamilton and has recently made a big name for herself as the BBC's Jane Eyre...Howard Davies has created an enjoyable revival that should continue the Gorky resurrection.

sean in the stalls
"For ensemble acting at its finest and a consistently absorbing, intellectually stimulating, play, head to the National Theatre."

Some interviews Ruth has done to promote the play
Times Online

sobfas (tag: ruth wilson)
Curtis Brown



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