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Wednesday, 9 August 2006

Charles Edwards - Theatre - The 39 Steps (Tricycle) - press


Hampstead and Highgate Express
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Charles stuff from the H&H Express article:
"I've been hanging off the Forth Bridge all morning and it's pretty tiring," laughs Edwards, who plays the actor playing Richard Hannay, an innocent man caught up in a sinister conspiracy when a young woman is murdered in his home.

"In many ways I have the easiest job because I only play one person. I am the straight man who has to stick to the script and drive the story forward while all these events spiral out of control around me. Although it is very funny, there is genuine suspense and a sense of Hannay's classic hero's journey. He is someone rather depressed and tired of life who is woken up as a man by these events and ends up a better person for it."

The 36-year-old, who appeared at the Kilburn venue last year in John Bull's Other Island, says although the cast have familiarised themselves with Hitchcock's classic movie, they have avoided impersonating the performances of its stars, Peggy Ashcroft and Robert Donat.

"We are trying to achieve certain nuances from a film that is a classic of that genre, such as the RP accents and the noirish atmosphere, but we have tried to bring our own stuff to it. I think Hitchcock fans will love it."

Edwards rehearsed 39 Steps by day while performing Noel Coward's "silly, nonsense, brilliantly constructed" play Hayfever by night.

"It has been wonderful fun. Judi Dench is everything you would want her to be, fantastically generous and very mischievous. She always has a glint in her eye on stage and is the first to find it hilarious if something goes wrong."
An article by Patrick Barlow, who adapted the play

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