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Thursday, 24 August 2006

Charles Edwards - Theatre - 2003

John Bull's Other Island by George Bernard Shaw
Tricycle Theatre, 11 September - 24 October 2003

Daily Telegraph 20/9/03 by Charles Spencer
"...though Broadbent comes across as an almost Wodehousian silly ass in Charles Edwards's deliciously comic performance, one also catches strong echoes of Tony Blair in his pious platitudes, self- advertising sanctimony and eagle eye for the main chance..."

Independent by Paul Taylor
"...Charles Edwards brings just the mix of the dashing and the obtuse to his deliciously funny Broadbent..."

Independent on Sunday 28/9/03 by Kate Bassett
"...Charles Edwards is particularly fine as the pukka, unstoppable Broadbent..."

Telegraph 28/9/03 by John Gross
"...a very funny performance by Charles Edwards as Broadbent..."

The Duchess of Malfi by John Webster
National Theatre (Lyttleton), 28 January - 27 May 2003

Edinburgh Guide
"...The strong cast ensures that this promise is brought to fruition throughout most of the play, and it is in the compelling interplay between individual cast members that the appeal of this production lies. In particular, Janet McTeer's passionate portrayal of tragic Duchess. McTeer's stage presence is captivating, and her Duchess is a nail-biting mixture of authority and vulnerability without every losing its feminine allure. She is well met by Charles Edwards' gentle Antonio..."

New Statesman 10/2/03 by Amy Rosenthal
"...Charles Edwards makes an appealing, romantic Antonio, the Duchess's low-born love, unable to resist her advances and absolutely true in his response, but ultimately ill-equipped to deal with the resulting horrors..."

National Theatre website [link]

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